Party Flyer - A5

STUDIO3Parties.co.uk - the new scene in great parties at Lev3L

VENU3 - The new site for community exhibition in Manor Walks - WATCH THE MALL FOR THE SIGN !!!!!!!!



Currently hatching.

  1. Performing Arts Community Group - Operational - (Red Diamond Theatre group)
  2. Blue Lamp Foundation - Currently at Dudley Court
  3. Healthwise Community group - Currently at Dudley Court
  4. CCSM (Community Sports Massage) - Currently at Dudley Court
  5. Community Radio Northumberland - Currently at Dudley Court
  6. Digital Community IT- We're Back !- Every Monday at the Venue
  7. TASC environmental Training - Currently at Dudley Court
  8. Education Network.- Currently at Dudley Court - (Teacher training group)
  9. Lev3L Community Crafters - At the VENUE every Saturday
  10. Knit and Knatter Community group - at the VENUE every Wednesday
  11. 3rd Level Community Training - Currently at Dudley Court (Training environment for 16-24 year olds)
  12. Studio3recording - Currently at Dudley Court
  13. Lev3L Community Entertainment - Currently at Dudley Court

Fledged or Not Hatched

  1. Digital Youth Enterprises - Fledged
  2. Partial Print design - Did not Hatch !
  3. Digitek Computers - Fledged

Without the MASSIVE Support of Hammerson and Manor Walks Management we could NOT deliver what we do
@ The VENU3 -
Our central Community Craft membership allows a constant local community delivery of local arts and crafts 
available all week at the VENU3 - you can see local artisans demonstrating their craft and offering unique and original products to our community. 

Call in and see for yourself, 
Saturdays - Craft Market day - ALL DAY - High Quality Hand Made local crafts

ALWAYS ON DISPLAY - Local Artists and Photographers commissions and Exhibition

Our success is attributed to our innovative and Unique projects that we deliver on an on going basis. From the "Incubator" project creating New business and community groups to the individual community exhibition projects delivered through the Venue.

Our work is always self sustainable after "Prime Pump" funding and its proven success is down to continued Private sector Sponsorship / Incubator Business Donations and YOUTH VOLUNTEERS that create self sustainable income. Proving that if everyone contributes a little it means a lot.